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Where learning is like wine – a unique, bespoke experience

Italian wines have always been shrouded in mystery.
Elusive, prestigious, little-known – and often, misunderstood.

Enter the Palitalia Wine Academy, where we believe that Italian wines are for everyone. Through a series of workshops that are built around you, the Academy strikes to break through the walls of misconception surrounding Italian wines. 

We offer classic services like evenings on pairing food with wine and private/corporate wine appreciation events. The difference lies in how our classes are all curated around our clients’ needs, with a focus on an interactive, experiential and fun delivery. 

Understand the technical aspects like how different soils and altitudes impact wine-making. Appreciate the cultural elements like Italian’s rich wine-making history. And our personal favourite? The practical bit: Wine tasting.

Italian wine is not stuffy. It’s not rigid. It’s not as unknowable as you might think.

And it can definitely be for you. 

A horizontal tasting involves wines that all come from the same vintage (year of harvesting). 

In this workshop, you pick a certain vintage (e.g. 1997) whose wines you’d like to try. You can also determine other characteristics to further streamline the selection of wines for tasting e.g. only reds, wines that are from a single grape variety, etc.

This method of tasting is a good way to see which winery produced the best wines in a given year. It also tells you more about the different wine producers than the vintage itself, since you are really comparing multiple wineries instead of different years.

A vertical tasting involves wines that all come from the same winery, but that are from different vintages (year of harvesting). 

If the winery produces more than one type of wine, you would select a single type and then taste multiple vintages of that one type. For example, you might have 5 vintages of Chianti Classico (a famous wine varietal from Chianti in Tuscany, Italy). Compared to a horizontal wine tasting, you learn more about the different vintages in a vertical tasting than about the wineries. 

To ensure impartial judgment of a wine, it should be served blind – that is, without the tasters having seen the label or bottle shape. Blind tasting may also involve serving the wine from a black wine glass to mask the color of the wine.

A taster’s judgment can be prejudiced by knowing details of a wine, such as geographic origin, price, reputation, color, or other considerations. 

The right wine can enhance the dining experience. In many cultures, wine has had a long history of being a staple at the dinner table. Even the practice of matching wine with food has evolved beyond the conventional “rules” of “steak and red wine; fish with white”. Today, one can pair local cuisines with different types of wines. 

The theory behind such pairings is that certain elements in food and wine interact with and boost each other’s flavours. In this class, you’ll learn how to pinpoint the combination of complementary aspects. Finding the right bottle of wine to complement the dining experience will be a breeze.

Our programs are designed from scratch for you. Drop us an email or a call to begin your Italian wine experience with the Palitalia Wine Academy now – the original Italian wine specialist in Singapore.