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No question is too difficult or insignificant — as long as it involves Italy!

Curating a menu for your restaurant but unsure where to start? Engage us for a consultation, where we work hand in hand with you to design a menu that best caters to your patrons’ palates. Whether you need a prod in the right direction in picking wines to complement your menu, or some pricing advice that could boost your wine sales, talk to us. 

Even if you just need confirmation that steaks go with reds.

Heading our wine consultancy is Mr. Gary Tan,
a veteran and Singapore’s Italian Wine Ambassador.

Gary Tan, Palitalia Singapore’s resident wine consultant, is soft-spoken but filled with passion for the Italian wine culture. 

His desire to understand its art form propelled him through a 3-year sommelier course with Associazione Italiana Sommelier in 1985. After a further 2 years of attachment with a reputable Italian winery in Verona (Azienda Vinicola Fratelli Fabiano S.P.A.), Gary decided to be a wine ambassador for Italian wines in Asia. With that, Gary became part of the founding team of the wine import business in 1990. 

Gary has taken on key roles as an Italian wine consultant in many companies, conducted countless wine educational workshops with both wine enthusiasts and professionals alike, and even given speeches at top wine-related events like Wine for Asia, Food Safari, etc. With over 20 years in the business, he has worn many hats since then:

  • Panel Juror of Vitignoitalia in 2007 and 2008
  • Panel Juror of World Gourmet Summit in 2009 and 2011
  • In-house wine consultant for various companies, e.g. Carrefour from 2003 to 2008
  • Adjunct wine educator for Nanyang Technological University’s Wine Society in 2015

As a revered veteran in the Italian wine scene in Singapore, Gary hopes to continue inspiring the next generation of Italian wine lovers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


Hear from some of our clients on their experiences with Palitalia Singapore.

Professor Lok

In the last 10 years, you supported our students to raise awareness on viniculture and old-world wines. To me, you are still the good old friendly wine merchant who is always willing to assist our students and to help me understand a little more of the complex nature of Italian wines.

Professor Lok

Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Dr. Massimiliano P. Sponzili

I had extremely positive feedback from Italian companies working with Palitalia. They all appreciated your correct business attitude and your passion in promoting and supporting Italian wines. I highly recommend Palitalia as a confident partner to develop and support the Italian Wine Industry in Asia.

Dr. Massimiliano P. Sponzili

Italian Trade Comissioner