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Month: February 2022

Interpretation Services Agreement

(4) If the Contractor declares within the time limit set out in Article 3 of this Article that it does not agree with certain conditions, the Contract shall be concluded only after an agreement has been reached on the contested terms. 1.3. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing interpretation services through an interpreter. …

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Illegal Agreement Definition

In addition, illegal contracts also prevent recovery of more than just financial damages. A claim is not allowed in the event of termination of the contract (i.e. termination of the contract), refund or even in the case of certain services. Finally, it is important to note that depending on the situation and the content …

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Human Rights Conditionality in International Agreements

Schnakenberg, K. E. & Fariss, C. J. (2014). Dynamic models of human rights practices. Political Science Research and Methods, 2(01), 1-31. Cingranelli, D. L. & Richards, D. L. (2008). The Cingranelli-Richards Human Rights Dataset Version, 03/2008/12 Smith, K. E. (1998). The application of political conditionality in the EU`s relations with third countries: how …

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